VIP Rewards Program

Spotted Sparrow Boutique VIP Rewards Program

All customers who create an account are automatically enrolled to begin earning Boutique Bucks on every purchase!

How do I earn Boutique Bucks?

  • You earn 1 buck for every $1 spent! Redeem your bucks for SSB Shop Credit!

Earn additional Boutique Bucks for being "extra!"

  1. Share us on Facebook - earn 50 Boutique Bucks!
  2. Like us on Facebook - earn 50 Boutique Bucks!
  3. Follow us on Instagram - earn 50 Boutique Bucks!
  4. Refer a Friend - earn 50 Boutique Bucks AND your friend will get 10% off their first order!

What are all these Boutique Bucks good for?

  • $10 Shop Credit = 300 Boutique Bucks
  • $20 Shop Credit = 500 Boutique Bucks
  • $50 Shop Credit = 1,000 Boutique Bucks

How do I redeem Boutique Bucks?

You will receive an email with your bucks balance. Once you redeem them for shop credit, you will receive a discount code that can be entered in the check out box. 

 Celebrate Your Birthday with Spotted Sparrow Boutique!

Add your birthday to your account and you will receive 150 free Boutique Bucks the week of your birthday!

*You do not earn points on shipping or sales tax*