Peek At The Week
Peek At The Week
Peek At The Week
Peek At The Week
Peek At The Week
Peek At The Week

Peek At The Week

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Have a few hundred things on your to-do list right now? I bet you could rattle off about 87 things swimming in your mind and fret about the other 17 you just can't remember. Sound about right?

Take 7 minutes and jot them'll be amazed how liberating that will feel!  Not to mention, clearing your mind will give you greater clarity on the things you actually need to accomplish.

Pare down your crazy-packed planner spread into a concise daily view of what’s happening the upcoming week for all members of your household to get a peek at what's happening (and even what's on the menu that night!)  Ahh...

The Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad includes these features:

  • 52 non-dated weekly pages...use it every week or as needed, you choose!
  • Daily sections to organize to-dos by family member, task, class assignments or plan your daily meals.
  • Check out (and check off) the checklists on the backside of every page. It's also great for taking notes!
  • Fresh & functional design and colors make this an ideal gift for a teacher, college student or busy mom.
  • 10" x 8" pad drilled with 3 holes...fits perfectly in a 3-ring binder or hang with your favorite ribbon or twine. The pad also fits nicely on an office desk for quick access.

Item Specifications: 

  • Total sheets:  52 sheets + dry erase backer card
  • Actual size:  10 x 8 x .25 inches
  • Bindery:  Gummed Pad
  • Drilled with three holes for hanging or twine/ribbon for styling OR easily insert it into a 3-ring binder

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